——Dip coating equipment Painting——

Dip coating equipment Painting


With the country's continued funding for the power industry, the power equipment industry market space has increased year by year, which also led to the power generation, transmission and power supply with the rapid development of insulator arrester manufacturing industry.

Brief introduction of spray coating equipment

Dip coating equipment Painting:Plane reciprocating machine spraying line

Characteristics of insulator dip coating equipment

1) using this technology, the coating has good adhesion, no leakage, no drop, no obvious accumulation, no bubble, film thickness and uniform stability;

2) the equipment has the advantages of flexible parameter setting, controllable, easy assembly, simple operation and high production efficiency;

3) compared with the traditional spraying process, the production process has no dust pollution, zero emission;

4) the technology used by the technology to meet the requirements of the electric power industry standards, in accordance with the 500unr requirements, users reflect the good

Suitable product:Anti pollution flashover coating treatment on the surface of the electromagnetic bottle of the insulator, bell cover type, three umbrella type glass and ceramic insulator

Technological process: Multi joint manipulator, reciprocating machine, manual spraying;

PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, operation is simple and reliable. Usually with 10 sets of equipment for a group, with two operators, the operator only needs to be "insulator" fixed to the rotating shaft, and a key to start the dipping process, process equipment, when time finished there will be a beep to remind the operator to take.
Huagon Ofprofessionalpainting sets ofline project, dust coating equipment, research and development of automatic dip coating equipment, coating equipment manufacturing production line, reasonable layout, stable performance, high automation, safety and energy saving. Starting from the dust, spraying, drying and curing, cooling until the next piece to take the production line, to form an integrated system to complete, reduce human resources.

Equipment selection:Single coating machine, double coating machines, such as multi coating, can be customized system integration control, automatic spraying

*The shape of the workpiece and fixture design, coating performance, testing requirements, process parameters and other yield is different, the above is for reference only;

*Advantages of Huagon:11 years of professional focus, with independent R & D and production capacity, and has a number of patents, with rich experience in the production of paint production downstream process, high-quality active service;

Selection of insulator dip coating and spraying equipment


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